Plans & Projects

Well, my plans are to build my own company someday, but until then I can present only the projects that I worked on:

  • School projects: - there where many projects that I was required to complete for school, so I'll present only two:

    Back in the high school, on the time when there where no Windows OS, and when the majority of the software were made in text mode, there was a small group of people that invested their effort in building small programs in graphics mode for the sole purpose of entertainment - the demos (remember 3D Realms...). So I tired to build something like a demo and actually won a 4th prize in one of the county competitions. My demo was called Visions and it presented a text (witch could be passed as a argument in the command line) in various scenes - fire, plasma, maps, etc. I had allot of fun programming that demo and I also learned allot about the limitations of non protected mode. This was my first program that exceeded 1000 lines of code.

    The last project that I was required to complete in the Faculty was the graduation project - witch I choused to be a suite of 3 applications that where meant to help design and study RBF neural networks for pattern recognition. There was a neural network builder, a trainer and a tester. The project was implemented in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and I used MFC for the UI. The project involved some image manipulation in order to transform the images to be processed by the neural network.

  • C.D. Nelson Commander suite (6 years):

    I've worked at this project while I was employed by the C. D. Nelson Technology Group and C. D. Nelson Manufacturing & Supply, a small company that made CAM/CAD systems. The project was built in C++ with MFC and was firstly designed for Windows 95. Later on, we moved it to Windows XP. I've worked at the first generation CAM and afterwards, I moved and stayed at the CAD part. The project's grout offered us the opportunity to improve our design skills and we managed to have a simplified COM framework for reference counting and safe interface casting, a base of common code across different applications in the suite for code reuse, and brought us the opportunity to think globally about product improvements and customer needs - thus learning to add value in an efficient way to the whole product.

    This project was very interesting because involved knowledge of programming but also of physics, mathematics and geometry and produced some physical feedbacks and fulfillment that the majority of programming projects do not usually offer.

  • NetObjects Fusion (5 years):

    I worked at this project while I was employed by Innovative Systems. The product is a WYSIWYG site builder that was developped from version 8 to version 12 while I was at Innovative Systems. It is a large project, with almost a million lines of code. It is written in C++ and incorporates various technologies like MFC, COM, ActiveX, generates HTML, JS, PHP and ASP scripts.

    Being a big project I had the opportunity to refactor allot and to apply some interesting ways of programming like pair programming, incremental design and experience some of the XP practices currently mediated like continuous integration, standup meetings, and many others. I also learned allot about software design and I developed strong people skills.

  • Various projects for Saguaro Print (from March 2009)

    I am currently employed by Saguaro Print and I was (and will be) involved in various projects that the company handles.

  • eRutier:

    This is a small application built in C# (Visual Studio 2008) for a driving school from Pitesti and it was a system for driving licence examination. It was a small application made in my free time, in a few weekends, but it was an opportunity to try out the .net framework and get some experience with C#, WPF and database integration in Visual Studio 2008.

  • Some PHP&MySql sites:

    I've built and modified some sites with various occasions, so I got the chance to do some work in this field too.

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