Skills & Experience

Here are some of the skills that I think are the most relevant for me as a professional:

  • People skills

    The days of the mythical programmer are long gone, so, the success of a projects sits in the capacity of the development teams to work harmoniously and to correctly integrate themselves in the development process of the company, thus ensuring a god cooperation with the other departments and decision making agents in the firm.

  • Programming skills

    I have been writing programs for computers since the firs year of high school, where I've been a member of the informatics olympic team and won several prizes and participation diplomas at county and national contests.

    The main language I use is C++ but I also know my way in C#, Java and scripting languages (JavaScript, HTML, PHP). But in my opinion after a few years of software development the languages and technologies become a less important concern - as learning a new language or technology is not such a big effort.

  • Software designing skills

    The most important asset that I gained in my years of professional practice is a decent capacity to design software object oriented (OOP) and to apply some of the most important design patterns when there is the case. I also believe that a certain amount of professional maturity is essential for a software designer.

    I believe the main programming asset that I gained in my years of professional practice is the capacity of algorithm analyze and synthesis. Witch in turn, has a good influence in the way I design software also.

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