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Product Engineer


Seasoned software professional with solid technical and people leadership experience. Enthusiastic about programming and algorithms since my high school years, I first approached the software industry from an in-depth technical perspective, later increasing focus on leadership and further delivery responsibilities and more general business/management aspects around software product development, delivery, and marketing. Over the years my interests and experience covered, among others: software methodologies, product management, marketing, hiring,
business strategy, and interdepartmental collaboration. Helping others to solve problems - at various levels and scopes - is what provides meaning and drive in my professional activity.

Work Experience

February 2020 – ongoing

Product Engineer

 e-spres-oh, Timișoara

2018 – 2020

Project Lead – Life Science

Saguaro Net, Timișoara

2009 – 2018

Project Manager, Senior Software Engineer

Saguaro Print, Timișoara

2003 – 2009

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead

Innovative Systems, Timișoara

1998 – 2003

Software Engineer, Project Manager

 C.D. Nelson Technology Group, Timișoara


Gemma Vet

Date: 2021

Role: Product Manager / Consultant

Team: 1 PM + 1-3 Devs + 1 UX + 1-3 Marketing Analysts + Advisory Board members

Responsibilities: product definition together with UX and marketing, product development management and server-side implementation, user interviews definition and planning, product roadmap.

Project Description: Project website:

Tech Stack: MVP: WPA React, Firebase, V1: Flutter, Java Spring Boot, MongoDB


Date: 2020

Role: Algorithm Researcher / Consultant

Team: Product Owner + 1-3 Developers + 1-2 Marketing Analysts + UX

Responsibilities: research, investigate and define the algorithm for accurate distance measurement between devices together with other team members and consultants. Investigated technologies: Bluetooth beacons, acoustics, signal processing, engineering and ML solutions for signal detection and localization.

Project Description: Project website:

Tech Stack: MVP: WPA React, Firebase, V1: Flutter, Java Spring Boot, MongoDB

Ambassador and Embassy

Date: 2018-2020

Role: Project Manager

Team: Project Manager + 2 Developers + 1 QA Engineer

Responsibilities: specification definition, domain knowledge acquisition, planning and road-mapping, scrum mater role, backend programming role. Contributions to the strategic company business development in life sciences by participation in tradeshows, learning about the life science industry and assessing candidate companies for outreach.

Project Description: The product is part of the client’s laboratory instrument software package delivered together with their ELISA automation solution. It is a middleware module that connects the client’s laboratory instrument to third-party Laboratory Information Systems using the industry standards LIS01/02 over RS232 connection. The module also manages test orders and results.

Tech Stack: C#, WPF, WCF

TotalFlow Prep

Date: 2013-2018

Role: Project Manager / Development Community Lead / Product Owner Proxy

Team: Development Community Lead + 5 - 18 Developers / 1 - 2 Scrum Masters + QA Community Lead + 3 – 12 QA Engineers

Responsibilities: : requirements negotiation, specifications definition, project management – technical and organizational blockage removal, release planning, high-level architectural decision-making. Collaboration with technical experts on UI and server-side to help the decision-making process and legacy code investigation. Project takeover responsibilities from the previous team in Japan.

Project Description: The product is part of a software package that enables the RICOH company to sell their proprietary – complete – printing solutions for small and medium print shops in Europe, the USA, and Japan. More details:

Tech Stack: node-webkit (NW.js), AngularJS, Java, C++

Printer Connector

Date: 2013

Role: Project Manager / Scrum Master / Senior Software Developer

Team: Team Lead + 3 Developers

Responsibilities: : Project management– planning, task assignment and management, technical coaching for interns, and new team members integration. Software development, software architecture, define and develop tools for testing and validation. Project takeover responsibilities from the previous team in Japan.

Project Description: The project consists of a module used by various products to send printing jobs to RICOH-supported printers and retrieve printer capabilities.

Tech Stack: C, C++, Java


Date: 2010 - 2013

Role: Project Manager / Senior Software Developer

Team: Project Manager + 3 Developers

Responsibilities: Implementation of the high/low-level designs for the APIs, task assignment, code review, implementation of JMFAPI, support to the product/client teams, integration of new members in the team, fixing urgent/critical issues. Project takeover responsibilities from the previous team in the USA.

Project Description: The project consists of developing and maintaining API libraries for job ticketing, device capabilities, and messaging according to CIP4 v.1.4 standards for feature-oriented input. The libraries are available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Java.

Tech Stack: C, C++, Java

Printer Driver

Date: 2009 - 2010

Role: Technical Lead for Windows driver

Team: Team Lead + 6 Developers + Technical Lead + Intern

Responsibilities: Technical expertise and technical-related issue solving for Windows driver and common library, code review, implementation responsibilities, technology investigation, delivery responsibilities for Windows driver.

Project Description: Printer driver development for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems for the Infoprint Pro C900 printer, integrating job ticketing editing module developed by another team. We used a waterfall methodology with some agile practices like standup meetings and pair programming.

Tech Stack: C, C++, WDK

NetObjects Fusion

Date: 2003 - 2009

Role: Senior Software Developer / Team Lead

Team:  1- 2 Team Lead + 3 - 5 developers + Intern + Architect

Responsibilities: Responsible for the C++ development group, high-level specification synthesis together with the team based on market studies, beta testers, and users feedback, implementation responsibilities, new team members onboarding, candidate interviewing and job shop events.

Project Description: The product is a WYSIWYG site builder that generates HTML/PHP/ASP sites containing AJAX, JavaScript, databases, and more elements. Versions 8, 9, 10, and 11 were developed while I was part of the team

Tech Stack: C++, MFC


Date: 1997 - 2003

Role: Software Developer / Project Manager

Team:  2 - 3 Developers

Responsibilities: Design, implementation, and delivery of the CDN Assembler, first-generation plotting engine, CDN Draw (not included on the website – successor of CDN Assembler), CDN Calculator, and Converter.

Project Description: The company developed CAM/CAD entry-level system:

Tech Stack: C++, MFC